Workforce Scheduling Software

Workforce scheduling and planningEnsure the right staff, in the right place, at the right time – for the right cost.

Intelligent Scheduling allows you to create adaptive schedules simply and easily. Using this powerful rostering tool, managing your workforce has just been made easier.

Intelligent Scheduling provides managers with complete control over the skills and labour requirements of their team during a working day, week or year. Using our Intelligent Software, managers can hand select or automatically schedule the right employees to the right job at the right time – and for the right price.

Easy workforce management and employee scheduling

Using customisable filters, managers can choose how they select employees based on team specific requirements. This can include elements such as:

  • Hours worked
  • Pay rate
  • Working time directive
  • Skill set

Intelligent Scheduling empowers companies to get the best skilled people on the job every day, with confidence that as a business they are not breaching working time directive legislation, exceeding budget or worst case, being under-staffed.

As with all our products, Intelligent Scheduling displays and highlights holidays, sicknesses, absences, overtime and anomalies in either of the Intelligent Time or Intelligent HR systems.

Employee scheduling and rota planning dashboards

Workforce scheduling softwareIntelligent Dashboards is a customisable screen providing managers with an overview of the current day’s activities in live time.

View options include:

  • Scrolling view of current, future and past events
  • Arrivals (due on shift)
  • Anomalies generated
  • Incidents
  • Call schedules

This utility is perfect for accessing quick and powerful management information, helping dynamic businesses  in sectors such as Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Leisure, Agriculture and others.

Product integration

Our Intelligent Scheduling Software is fully integrated into our Intelligent Time system, enabling users to schedule employees based on skill type, cost and working time directive and then manage all aspects including holidays, sicknesses and absences, overtime and lunch breaks as part of the pre-payroll process.

Again, as with all our products, it can be integrated with any of our other solutions – Intelligent Access, Intelligent Job Costing and Intelligent HR.

Flexible data capture

isys-time-and-attendance-productUsing a flexible suite of Time and Attendance hardware to capture the start and finish time of employees, administrators can now easily identify if the correct employees turned up to work on site against the defined schedule.

Any anomalies or last minute changes are easily spotted and brought to the user’s attention using our Intelligent Report Wizard.