Training & Consultancy

training-monitorAll of our products come with training documentation and the option for on or off site training. Training comes in various options, ranging from ‘Full Administrator’, ‘Regular User’, ‘Reports only’ and ‘Employee’ training. 

Full training can be offered on all of our products – not just our Intelligent Time solution. We are able to tailor our training sessions to you rather than working from a generic plan, and focus on the areas you feel your staff need guidance on, ensuring all users are fully proficient in the most relevant aspects of the software.

Full Administrator training

This level of training is appropriate for anyone that may be required to operate the system at an advanced level.  Recommended for:

  • The primary system administrator
  • A backup system administrator
  • At least one member of IT

Topics covered:

  • Creation of departments, cost centres and activities
  • Creation of working days (the “Shift Questions” form at the beginning of this document must be completed for each shift prior to the training)
  • Building of rotas
  • Creation of overtime groups
  • Adding of employees
  • Viewing and editing activity records
  • Setting up holiday, bank holiday, sickness, absence and skills types
  • Setting up software users and access levels
  • Configuring of anomalies
  • On-demand reporting
  • Timed email/print reporting

Regular User training

This level of training is appropriate for anyone that will be updating the system on a regular basis.

    Topics Covered:

    • Adding of employees
    • Viewing and editing activity records
    • On-demand reporting

Reporting Wizard training

This level of training is designed for people who will use the on-demand reporting engine only.

Crystal Reports training

QA training for Time and AttendanceAn in depth session aimed at using Crystal Reports with your Intelligent Time system, all delivered by our training partner QA. This course can be run at multiple locations around the country, and can be run on your database or a more generic example database.

Read more details here.

Training days

In any one training day, the following courses can be held:

      • One ‘Full Administrator’ course
      • Two ‘Regular User’ courses – with 1 hour between each course
      • Four ‘Reports Only’ courses – with 30 minutes between each course
      • Multiple of all other courses

All courses must be arranged so that no more than 7 hours are booked, allowing a suitable amount of time between each course.