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iTime employee tracking

Real-time employee tracking software with measurable benefits.

Save time and money

With a truly flexible configuration, an unbeatable breadth of functionality and a wide variety of clocking in system options available, we offer a tailor-made time and attendance solution for your business. iTime, time attendance system, is proven to save businesses at least 3% of their annual wage bill along with countless hours in administration time.

iTime offers you a wealth of services and ways to improve your business

Reduction of overpayments of employee wages

With employee wages frequently making up the biggest single expenditure by a business, being able to reduce over payments and agency costs are an excellent way to reduce outgoings. iTime time and attendance accurately records start and end times, breaks, overtime accruals and shift bonuses. Companies using our time and attendance tracking software save on average 3% of their annual wage bill.

Administration time freed up

Using paper-based time sheets, or time and attendance systems that don’t properly meet your business needs, can take up a huge amount of administrative time. As an effective time management system. iTime can on average reduce administrative time spent on time sheet and wage calculations by up to 20 hours a week.

Become a smarter business

Once configured to your needs, iTime employee time tracking collects vital data that can be used to establish and track trends across your business, improve productivity and make your business more streamlined and smarter, ultimately reducing costs and increasing revenues.

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Over 450 companies use Intelligent Workforce across the UK, processing over 1 million clocking records a day. Are you ready to join them?

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Let's calculate your current costs and see how much you can save with our Time and Attendance software

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Choose from a range of data capture options

Networked Time and Attendance Systems

Traditional time and attendance terminals link into your established IT network infrastructure. They are installed in fixed positions such as front doors and break rooms. A range of employee time clock models are available to suit any environment and requirement.

Mobile and Remote Clocking Systems

Clocking in options include include telephone clocking, web based or employee time tracking systems, mobile apps, and a range of terminals connected to mobile data networks; ideally suited to locations with no permanent IT network.

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

Biometric time and attendance system terminals recognise an employee’s fingerprint or facial scan, eliminating costly buddy and fraudulent clocking.