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Time & Attendance system by Capita Workforce ManagementIntelligent Time helps companies save between 1-3% per year on their wage bill.

Configured to provide you with the real-time information you require and with varied options for data capture, the Intelligent Time system provides a tailored solution to fit the exact needs of your business.

Our Intelligent Time system improves your workforce’s efficiency, saves administration time, reduces overall labour costs and removes human error from the equation. This coupled with powerful reporting tools greatly enhances your management analysis and reporting ability.

Flexible Time and Attendance systems

Extensive hardware options including mobile, roaming and telephone options to cope with remote workers. Coupled with the flexible software configuration, this means your solution can be built to match your business structure and working rules exactly. Currently in excess of 500 individual companies use our Intelligent Time system and we are responsible for the accurate time tracking of over 2 million workers in the UK.

Time and Attendance software system working on multiple devicesFlexibility really is at the heart of our solutions. Professional services can be selected as required to meet your project management, hardware installation, training, support and customisation needs. All our software is built to integrate seamlessly meaning you can combine modules to build a complete solution for all your business needs – from Access Control, Payroll and Human Resources through to Employee Screening and Document Verification.

Why do I need a Time and Attendance solution?

Utilising a flexible workflow and business logic, our Intelligent Time system enables you to free yourself and other managers from mundane repetitive data entry, and because of this reduce the possibility for human error. Streamlining your time-tracking responsibilities will free up valuable management staff, enabling them to focus on more profitable tasks and use their skills proactively elsewhere.

See how much you can save now!

Our system is proven to reduce the wage bill of companies by up to 3%. Over-payment due to lateness, human error (usually between 1-5% with a manual system) and administration costs associated with processing timesheets all contribute.See how much you can save with our ROI calculator →

Data capture options

Networked Time and Attendance terminals
Networked Time and Attendance

Traditional terminals link into your established IT network infrastructure and are installed in fixed positions such as front doors and break rooms. Models are available to suit any environment and requirement.

Mobile Time and Attendance options
Mobile and remote clocking options

These options include telephone clocking, web based or online clocking and a range of terminals which work over mobile (3g) data networks meaning they can be used on sites with no permanent IT network structure.

Biometric Time and Attendance terminals
Biometric Time and Attendance

Biometric terminals work by recognising an employee’s fingerprint meaning there are no on-going consumable costs for cards/fobs and making fraudulent buddy clocking a thing of the past.

Software options

Time and Attendance software
Absence and attendance

Our Intelligent Time system can integrate with your chosen data capture method to improve your workforce’s efficiency, save you time, reduce overall labour costs and greatly enhance your management analysis and reporting ability.

time and attendance scheduling
Scheduling and planning

Providing managers with complete control over the labour requirements of their team during a working period. Using Intelligent Scheduling, managers can select or automatically schedule the right employees to the right job, at the right time and for the right price.

Time and Attendance calendar
Self-servicing and calendar

Reduce wasted administration time and empower your employees to request holiday, sickness and absence in-system. Enable employees to update personal details and skill sets with minimal intervention from HR or management.

What makes our solution different?

In addition to offering a full suite of professional services, we develop all our systems in-house using a team of more than 20 qualified developers. This means that we can really tailor a solution to fit individual customers, which can include unique reports and system changes to ensure your business needs are met.

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