Time and Attendance Systems

Time Tracking software that’s with you minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day, giving you real time updates of staff attendance to help manage your workforce more efficiently.

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Putting you in control

Built to support your industry, our Time and attendance software cuts down on admin time and manual processes for managers, increasing productivity by freeing up time to focus on what matters most – your employees.

From cutting down on administration and freeing up management time to accurately recording your employees time, reducing overpayments and ensuring employees are paid correctly for the hours they have worked, Intelligent Workforce can help to save your business an average of 3-5% on your annual wage bill.

Key features:

  • Real time data capture
  • Location verification
  • Automatically collect & approve time sheets
  • Wage Calculations
  • Payroll export
  • Reduce admin & overheads
Putting you in control

Simple Clocking. Every Time.


Real time data

Employees simply clock in and out of work via the Intelligent Workforce mobile app, web portal or a traditional clocking terminal. Our software creates an accurate digital record and timesheet which can be exported using our integrated payroll service. With PIN and location verification, you can ensure that the right person is clocking in for the right shift.


GPS Location Verification

Make sure your team are in the right place at the right time with our GPS location tracking and geo-fencing for all your working locations, verifying they’re where they should be. Got multiple working locations? With workforce time and attendance systems, you can create as many working locations as you need, and create custom geofences for each one, setting out if you’d like employees to clock in from within 100, 50 or 10 metres of the site.

Overpayment Reduction

Approve & Export timesheets straight to payroll

With timesheets automatically completed from clocking records, it’s never been easier to do payroll. Speed up and simplify your payroll process, even with complex pay rules, with bulk approvals and then export employee timesheets in a matter of clicks. cutting down your admin time and human error in one fell swoop, freeing up your time to work smarter.

Data Capture

Intelligent Workforce gives you and your team the flexibility to clock in and out of work in a variety of ways:

Mobile App – available on iOS and Android and featuring native login, you can effectively manage your time and attendance on the go, from anywhere.

Web Portal – Clock in from the employee dashboard within the cloud solution itself.

RFID Terminals – Using PINs and Swipe cards for verification, our clocking terminals offer a secure and reliable way to capture clocking records. With some terminals available as portable units, you can easily move them to new locations when contracts end or as required.

How much can I save?

Let's calculate your current costs and see how much you can save with our Time and Attendance systems.

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We could help you save

of profit each year in reduced absences

Or... you'd need to bring in an additional of business just to cover your costs...

Let's calculate your current costs and see how much you can save with our workforce management system.

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Save time


Let us do the heavy lifting with your workforce management data. Seamlessly integrate your HR, HCM and Payroll solution with Intelligent Workforce via our bespoke API. The two-way integration ensures that no data slips through, allowing you to effectively manage employees and ensuring a single source of truth across the whole business.

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Contract-Based Working

Our time and attendance services give you the ability to assign a contract to an employee or group of employees with their unique rules of employment in place for the solution to automatically calculate against, such as:

  • Holiday & Sickness balance accruals based on length of service or pro rata calculations.
  • Overtime or Shift Premiums/uplifts based on time of the day, week, month or year.
  • Statutory Sick Pay & ‘Waiting Days’ calculations.
  • Bonus Calculations based on lateness and attendance rules.

Eliminate staffing issues

Minimum Staffing

Ensure you always have enough people for each shift with our user-friendly employee scheduler. Easily see where your understaffed or where gaps exist in teams.

Intelligent decision making

Build Smarter Schedules

Use the inbuilt scheduling assistant to suggest suitable employees to fill the gaps, based on their skill set and availability. Quickly fill shifts, highlight skills gaps and create positions to fit your business.

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