Support & Maintenance

support-monitorsWe can offer a number of SLAs for the purpose of supporting our Intelligent Software. The example below is one of many on offer – and we are happy to customise our SLAs to meet your requirements. 

Software support

We provide telephone and online support during normal office hours (with 24/7 support available), and we guarantee that all issues logged will be dealt with by our support technicians within the agreed SLA.

Issues that cannot be rectified over the phone will be escalated to a senior support technician who – using remote diagnostic software (and with the permission of the customer) – will look to rectify the fault. Any issues with our systems that cannot be resolved over the phone will result in a site visit by one of our trained staff.

We guarantee that 80% of all support calls (not including report amendments, development work or system updates) will be dealt with within 3-4 days of the call being opened on a standard SLA. However, it is always our intention to ensure any support issues are rectified as soon as possible.

Hardware maintenance

All hardware supplied is plug and play and can be remotely diagnosed from our head office in Swindon (UK). We would propose to leave a suitable amount of hardware under the agreement that would allow trained IT technicians to – with assistance from us – provide a hot swap of faulty hardware with new units.

We will arrange the immediate collection of any faulty hardware as well as replenish maintenance stock. For issues that cannot be resolved locally, we will send an engineer to site to carry out the replacement of faulty hardware.

Upgrade options

Please note the above support and maintenance option suggested is the favorite choice of our customers. We will be happy to tailor the provision of support and maintenance to fit your needs should an alternative SLA be required.


We employ our own Engineers who install all of our Intelligent hardware and software. Installation time varies and is dependent upon the type of product and availability.

Under no circumstances do we outsource the installation for fear of losing quality and control over delivery.

For projects that require a method statement and risk assessment to be completed, our Project Managers and Engineers are trained to complete the required documentation. Additionally, for specific work environments, they have CSCS cards and DBS checks readily available.

All hardware installed meets the appropriate safety standards as required and is installed based on standard DDA requirements.


Configuration is the key for customers to achieve the desired return on investment.

Many systems can cause more administration and errors if the setup or logic is wrong. As part of the project implementation our staff will discuss all of the business logic – such as shift patterns or overtime – that is unique to each company. With this information, our Project Manager will compile a build document for our configuration team. Within this document the following example information is typically covered:-

Intelligent Time (example)

  • Company structure
  • Shifts
  • Holiday, sickness and absence records
  • Overtime rules
  • Attendance bonuses
  • Lunch breaks
  • Employee import
  • Payroll export

Intelligent Access (example)

  • Door structure
  • Schedules
  • Time and zoned rules
  • Access levels
  • Timers/relays
  • Employee imports
  • Notification wizard
  • Fire Report layout

We believe that by completing the bulk of the configuration work for the customer, this leaves more time to run parallel or “bed in” the system, train and iron out any work flow issues.