Know Your Employee (KYE) is a suite of tools and services that comprise a complete, end-to-end employee onboarding and right-to-work vetting solution.

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Right to Work Verification

Every UK company has to determine the Right-to-Work (RTW) for a potential employee. Employers need to not only determine someone’s RTW but also verify that any documents provided are legitimate.
UK Employers can be penalised if they:

  • Employ someone who doesn’t have the right to work;
  • Do not undertake the necessary checks, or
  • Do not carry out the checks properly.

Employers are required to maintain a copy of the associated records and, be able to prove that these checks were carried out.
Employees are considered illegal workers if:

  • They don’t have leave (permission) to enter or remain in the UK;
  • Their leave has expired;
  • They aren’t allowed to do certain types of work;
  • Their papers are incorrect or false.

A Legal Requirement

Pre-employment RTW vetting is a legal requirement in the UK. Failure to carry out adequate checks can lead to fines of up to £20,000 per illegal worker for anyone deemed to have not undertaken the correct checks, or they weren’t carried out properly.

Data Protection

Using traditional, manual Right to Work checks, companies have typically made copies of candidates driving licences or passports, which are then held on file as paper copies or a scanned document.
With KYE, the data undergoes an end-to-end encryption and no paper copies are made. All images are held in line with your own data retention policy and procedure, allowing for greater security and protection of your candidates and employees personal data.

Know Your Employee – Using Three Simple Steps:

KYE is a mobile application, compatible with all android devices. It has been specifically designed to be administered centrally and delivered locally to prove UK RTW. It is managed through a simple three-step process:


1. Open the App and select ID Verification. Hold your device over the photo page of a passport or an ID card and scan.

Combining offline capabilities, the robust trickle synchronisation, biometric facial recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) will create a state-of-the-art solution using existing, proven tools.

2. Take a picture of the ID holder and upload the picture. Submit the scan and photo.

KYE along with Paycasso data is sync’d to the cloud. Paycasso’s document checks and biometric facial recognition are undertaken. Additional checks can be run and any RTW checks that are inconclusive can be sent to a third party for further vetting.

3. The App will crossmatch the two images, and then scan through national ID agency databases to verify it matches their records.

Following the collection and verification of RTW data, applicants will be assigned one of three statuses:
RTW Certified
RTW Uncertain
RTW Failed

Benefits of Know Your Employee

  • Reflect the workflow as suggested by UK Government to ensure the RTW of the applicant.
  • Capture the right information and verify the document is legitimate.
  • Maintain an unalterable copy of the required documentation to provide a statutory excuse.
  • Maintain evidence of the hiring process, specifically the associated data collected.
  • Ensure storage of documents reflects the relevant data retention policy.
  • Maintain a “caution” and/or “leavers” list to flag individuals who require more thorough vetting.
  • Alert the relevant users as to when RTW status expires for an employee, and therefore enable the workflow process to revalidate.
  • Integrates with the rest of the Capita WFM suite of products and associated payroll systems.

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