Turn your employee’s smartphones into powerful and portable remote workforce management tools. Intelligent Collect (iCollect) enables your employees to log their time and attendance by clocking in and out, change task and much more from their smart phone or tablet.

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Remote Workforce Management

From site visit records to expenses claims, your employees can use iCollect to capture photos, signatures and view location tags to record their work. The fully customisable app allows you to create the data capture forms that you require, collecting the data your business needs.


Flexible Form Creation

Screenshot of iCollect App Forms

 Collect offers you fully flexible and customisable forms so that you can capture the data your business requires. Be it requiring signatures to verify work has been completed by a field-engineer, or progress photos of a job, all of this can be easily collected.


 NFC Enabled

iCollect can be used to maximise data collection, in the easiest way possible. Using NFC enabled phones, employees can swipe their phones against NFC chips, giving real-time reporting in iTime. This solution is ideal for mobile and field-workers such as cleaners and security guards, who must complete a daily route that needs to be recorded. This functionality can also be utilised by lone workers who are required to report on their movements throughout their working day.


Location, Location

Know exactly where your employees are. Using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC), GPS and i-beacons, our app can identify the location of the worker, along with the traditional time data. This technology can be used to report more detailed information on a location and job, ideal for use by remote workers who carry out site visits or make deliveries.Computer screen and icollect showing Google maps tracking

Using the mobile clocking functionality, managers can check the location of staff when they clock-in and out using the real-time data provided in collaboration with Google Maps.


Download the iCollect brochure 


Use iCollect to clock in and out, swap activities and submit information

A fully customisable app, create the forms and data capture fields your business needs

1. Download the app

Intelligent Collect appears in Android, Apple and Windows app stores. Simply download the app.

2. Login

Employees login using their usual Intelligent Time credentials.

3. Clock in or out

Employees are able to clock in or out, start or end their breaks and perform other functions.

Benefits of iCollect

  • Compatible with all Android devices
  • NFC input compatibility
  • Fully customisable form construction
  • Capture any required data
  • Broad range of compatible hardware
  • Low ongoing monthly cost
  • Minimal infrastructure requirements
  • Geo-location tagging