Available on mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops, Intelligent Self Service is available whenever and wherever your employees need it.

Intelligent Self Service (iSelf Service) provides employees with access to a range of information including time & attendance clocking, holiday bookings, shift swaps, upcoming rosters, personnel details, worked hours, overtime, and work messages.

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Empower Your Employees

Empowering your employees. Something you dream of but don’t know how to achieve?  Sounds like a tall order or something that will take an age to implement? Think again. We’ve got something to help. Something to make this a reality for your employees and your business, in a realistic time frame. And, it’s really very simple, but also very intelligent.

Intelligent Self Service does what it says on the tin. It allows your employees to carry out certain HR functions themselves when they need or want to. iSelf Service is a truly flexible system that can be used with your existing infrastructure, minimising set up costs.

The key features include:

  • Automate holiday requests (helps to reduce paper trails)
  • Increase the speed at which holiday requests can be authorised.
  • Provide your management team with the ability to set up holiday rules (i.e. an employee has to provide a weeks’ notice of leave, otherwise it will be automatically declined).
  • Increase employee empowerment by allowing employees to view their own data, request holidays from home and view their clocking information.
  • Shift swapping function, aligned with the Working Time Directive
  • Ability for employee swift swap arrangements – encouraging employees to manage their own rotas
  • Mobile compatible product
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible licensing structure
  • Full integration into iTime

Online Clocking

Got staff who work remotely? Web-based clocking could be the answer for you. Its strength lies in the ease of deployment and its cost-effectiveness. Allow your staff to administer their records on a range of platforms including mobiles, desktops, and tablets.
Employees are not only able to clock in and out. They can also record their breaks, when they change to a new activity, and allocate tasks to specifics jobs and cost centres – allowing for more accurate reporting and invoicing.
Employees can also view their hours worked, and what has been signed off by their manager. If pay rates, hours or overtime records are incorrect, this can be flagged instantly and rectified. By giving instant access to this data, it greatly reduces payroll discrepancies, and therefore increases employee satisfaction, and allows for any changes to be made before the payroll process is started

 Personnel details

iSelf Service gives your employees access to their personal records and allows them to update their details, such as a new address, next of kin and contact details.
All changes are notified to HR and the line manager to ensure they are pulled through to payroll and other HR systems.
By allowing employees to update these details themselves, it not only gives them the responsibility to ensure their details are up to date but also frees up a huge amount of admin time for HR and managers who would normally process the changes.

Holiday & Absence Requests

Providing a protected web environment, employees can use iSelf Service to view access their holiday, sickness and absence records. Not only can they see days taken at that point in time, they can also see their remaining leave balance for the rest of the year and any upcoming days schedules. But, more importantly, you can allow your staff to book a holiday there and then, as it suits them, with the option to set up automatic approval or refusal rules. No more waiting weeks to get a paper holiday form signed and counter-signed!

For example, you can set up rules to specify that employees must give at least 7 days’ notice of a holiday and that no more than 3 people can be off on the same day. If an employee submits a request that fits these rules, they would be sent a message to Self Service confirming the leave request, and their calendar will be updated to show the requested leave. However, if they do not meet the rules – only giving 3 days’ notice, or 3 people have already booked that day off, they will receive a holiday refusal message, informing them that they cannot have the day off.

In all instances, managers and employees will receive an email confirming the outcome of the request, and calendars will be updated to show that employee as absent on the relevant days and cannot be assigned to work. Managers will also be notified if an employee goes sick or is absent on a day that they have previously been refused holiday.

Thresholds, Notice Periods & Blackout Settings

Within iTime and iSelf Service, rules can be set for a site, department, sub-department or individual regarding minimum staffing thresholds, holiday notice periods and holiday blackout periods. Within the rule sets we can include:

Minimum Staffing Levels

iSelf Service will take into consideration any minimum staffing levels that have been set in iTime and, if enabled, the request can be auto-declined at the point of request if this holiday booking would take the staffing level below the minimum required on any of the days requested However, If preferred and in this situation an alert can be sent to the line manager to make an informed decision and potentially override.

Notice Periods

The user is able to set notice periods for holiday requests. This is completely configurable but an example would be 2 weeks’ notice from the date of the first day of the holiday requested. If the notice period is not met then the request will be auto-declined at the point of requesting.

Blackout Periods

Based on historically busy times of the year for the business, blackout periods can be set. This will take away the employees ability to request/book holiday during this time.

Historical Shift Information

To increase employee visibility and reduce payroll queries employees are able to view historical worked hour’s information over any period of time by using iSelf Service. This information includes:

  • Overtime/additional hours worked
  • Actual clocking times against shift start and finish times
  • Any bonuses or shift premiums that have been calculated
  • Holiday balance including what they were entitled to at the beginning of the year, what they carried over from the previous year, what they currently have booked and a remaining balance

Shift swapping

Is finding cover for shifts a time-consuming and arduous process? With iSelf Service, you can let you employees swap shifts and even sign up to cover additional shifts.
Fully compliant with the working time directive (WTD) and fully integrated with iSchedule and iTime, employees are able to view a list of available shifts to swap with. Once a shift has been accepted by the employees, an email is sent to their manager(s) to notify them of the changes and the employees will be automatically scheduled to work the available shift.

Employees can also put up their own shifts that they would like to swap with a colleague (if enabled), and send messages to certain employees to request a swap or shift cover. When two employees agree to swap, their manager(s) will receive an email to authorise the swap, before their shift and schedule is amended.

Download the iSelf Service Brochure