Intelligent Scheduling (iSchedule) is a volume and capacity planning module designed to capture your available employees and their skills, map your work requirements, and schedule the right people for the job.

Intelligent Scheduling provides managers with complete control over the skills and labour requirements of their team during a working day, week or year. Using iSchedule, managers can hand-select or automatically schedule the right employees to the right job at the right time – and for the right price.

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iSchedule has been designed to create optimised schedules for your business. Using a list of your available employees, including temporary staff, and their relevant skills, the system will map them to your work requirements. This is based on parameters which are configured based on the objectives of your business, for example, minimum cost or minimum overtime

Scheduling Features

The key features of iSchedule include:

  • Defining tasks and constraints, and allocating the exact number of tasks for each given day.
  • Ability to automatically amend schedules as the level of work varies.
  • Monitoring the rota for any changes such as absence (holiday, sickness), or changes in the work requirements.
  • Automatically update the schedule by assigning other employees or agency staff to fill the gaps caused by absence or changes
  • Rotating members of a team though job types, supporting the fair allocation of work.
  • Placing certain individuals on particular shifts, the system can then schedule additional staff around their required pattern.


Scalable Scheduling Solution:

iSchedule has been designed to be a completely scalable solution for your business. Additional sites, departments, positions and pay rates can easily be added at any time.


Absence Variance:

iSchedule can simply and quickly determine the contracted hours for a given period, and compare it to the hours that have been scheduled to work, providing a variance for managers. It can also provide detail on how many employees clocked-in late for a certain team, department or site.

Dynamic Scheduling

iSchedule is a truly intelligent system – it learns from changes made to a rota and will get more efficient and effective the more you use it.
Targets can be loaded into the system and set against specific shifts, such as “each employee can pick & pack 100 products an hour”. As teams get assigned to these shifts, the system can learn a team’s productivity over time. As team members change, the system can extrapolate individual member’s productivity rates.
Dynamic Scheduling will take into account a range of variables that are deemed relevant, such as time of day, a day of the week, time of year, the type of task and many more. These can include hundreds of factors to determine a productivity value for a given team or an individual.
Tasks set can be vague and encompass a number of activities, or be highly specific and targeted to a particular activity.

Employee scheduling and rota planning dashboards

Our Intelligent Dashboards are customisable screens providing managers with an overview of the current day’s activities in live time

We offer real-time visibility of critical information via visual dashboards. Integrated seamlessly with our intelligent software, dashboards enhance management productivity by displaying key information in a simple graphical way.

These features are perfect for accessing quick and powerful management information, helping dynamic businesses in sectors such as Construction, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Leisure and Agriculture to name but a few.



Product integration

two male employees using software to plan a task on a computeriScheduling can be fully integrated into iTime, enabling users to schedule employees based on skill type, cost and working time directive whilst also managing other HR functions such as holidays, sicknesses and absences, overtime and lunch breaks as part of the pre-payroll process.


Benefits of iSchedule

  • Correct resource level at all times – never be understaffed
  •  Correct resource level at all times – never be understaffed
  • Scheduled employees are the right people for the job
  •  Efficient labour utilisation
  • Single and multi-site support
  • Integrates fully with other Capita systems, and many third-party HR & Payroll solutions.
  •  Make  changes to rotas  to reflect you workloads
  •  Reduces administration time

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