Intelligent Human Resources (iHR) allows you to securely store and manage electronic Human Resources information using our intelligent central software application.

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Central & Secure

iHR provides users with one centralised, secure database to access information restrict user access and edit/delete options. Real-time reporting can flag issues of the day, week, month and year covering any aspect of appraisal, discipline, sickness or absence management. Additionally, iHR is highly configurable, enabling you to store a wide variety of information, governed by rules, sets and workflow practices unique to your business. iHR can be fully integrated into iTime, allowing for all your records to be stored on a central system and eliminating the need to log in and out of different systems.


Payroll Integration

We offer a flexible approach to payroll integration, offering a bureau service alongside integration with our partners or your existing supplier.
iTime and iHR can be integrated with all major payroll services including SAGE and Earnie.
The seamless integration can save a huge amount of time and money for payroll processing. Data capture in iTime is imported into your provider at the end of the payroll period to prevent manual input. The accuracy and integrity of the data imported from iTime takes away the work associated with erroneous paper time sheets, manual data entry and the potential for operator mistakes.

Human Resources Document Manager

iHR offers a full document management tool, enable Human Resources to record and store relevant employee documentation, as well as the ability to scan documents for storage within the database. Contracts, driving licenses, proof of “Right to Work”, certificates of competency and other HR-related documents can be archived on the system. Stored documents can be retrieved at any time, eliminating the need to keep extensive paper records.


Personnel records

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iHR stores a wealth of information for all employees, including:

  • Personal data, next of kin and medical records
  • Holiday, sickness and absence records
  • Document management
  • Remuneration:- vehicle, pensions, benefits and salary
  • Education, skills and training records
  • Appraisal and discipline records
  • Safety equipment and uniform management
  • Job history
  • Enforce criteria as mandatory when enrolling an employee, and without this data enrolment cannot occur
  • Store photographs and produce photo ID Cards
  • Attribute employees to a particular department or cost centre

Templates within the system are easily customisable in terms of content, look and feel for different areas of the business.



The Bradford Factor

The Bradford Factor is a system used to calculate the operational impact of employee absenteeism over the course of a year. iHR employs Bradford Factor scoring to identify individuals with serious absences and patterns of absence worthy of further investigation. Helping to highlight causes for concern, iHR allows you to easily monitor absences within the absence manager calendar of the system. Users have the functionality to record and calculate Bradford Scores, bringing to light any absences in a report.

Benefits of iHR:

  • Labour cost control
  • Reduced administration
  • Absence control
  • Real-time reporting
  • Shift planning
  • Efficient labour utilisation
  • Single and multi-site support
  • Increased accuracy of payroll data
  • WTD compliant, with pre-defined reports
  • Integrates fully with other Capita systems, and most HR & Payroll providers

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