Intelligent Access Control (iAccess) provides companies with real-time information and control over all on-site movement of employees, visitors, and contractors.

iAccess offers a keycard entry system, video access system and a biometric access control door entry system for workplaces.

Real-Time Access Control

Intelligent Access Control (iAccess) is supported by a range of access control hardware solutions and is configurable to sites of all sizes and building layouts to provide robust security for your business. Tailored to suit your exact requirements, iAccess has the benefit of offering true flexibility for future change and growth, whilst also integrating seamlessly with the rest of the Intelligent WFM software suite.

Our one card door entry system can be used to gain access to a building, and then be used to clock in on a Time and Attendance terminal if required.

Utilising access system devices including gates, car park barriers, or turnstiles, companies can improve security and restrict movement easily.

iAccess allows visitors and contractors to be configured in the door entry system to grant or deny them access to predefined zones. By assigning a ‘Leaving Date’ for visitors and contractors, they will be automatically denied access once the date is reached, even if they do not hand back any passes or codes they have been issued.

Integrated Systems

As with the whole Intelligent Workforce suite of products, iAccess can be seamlessly integrated with the rest of the product suite. Integration dramatically reduces the need to re-enter employee data, as it can be pulled through from other systems such as iHr (for training records) or iTime (for clocking and personal data).


Automatic Alerts

iAccess features the ability to send automatic alerts to system users if any access doors have been held open past a set time period, e.g. 30 seconds. This functionality is ideal for highly secure environments, such as server rooms and cash offices, as key members of staff can receive an email informing them that the door has been left open too long.

Flexible software

Through the online dashboard, iAccess displays a person’s location and movement history throughout the day, enabling managers to easily keep track of staff movements and work patterns.
Centrally, managers can define access levels that govern the time and date a person can gain entry to a zone i.e. a building, floor or room. Additionally, all doors are installed to the necessary Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements.


Extensive Hardware

We offer a selection of robust and reliable hardware to provide access control solutions, from key card entry systems to biometric access control.
We are able to provide a selection of state-of-the-art hardware to suit your requirements, which can be supplied on a stand-alone basis, to integrate with your existing infrastructure, or as part of an Intelligent Access solution.
Our range of hardware includes car park barriers, full and half height turnstiles and an extensive range of locks, including; Magnetic or Mag, Abloy, Electric Strike and Sheer locks.

Benefits of Access Control

  • Real-time control of premises & staff
  • Specific security rules per staff group or individual
  • Multiple hardware options for doors, barriers, turnstiles, gates etc.
  • Instant alerts for system administration, illegal access attempts etc
  • Reduced costs arising from break-ins and damage/theft
  • Cost-effective
  •  Up to 250,000 cardholders
  • A wide range of supporting hardware available

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