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Powerful Workforce Management Reporting

Discover powerful new workforce management analytics & reporting and unlock a new level of insight for your business. All too often, too much time is wasted gathering and checking data and compiling time & attendance reports. Time that should be spent on value-adding analysis. Our new, self-generating dashboarding and reporting tool automates your data consolidation tasks and ensures that everyone who needs information can find it instantly.

Explore the story behind your data

Empower users to answer their own questions, with accurate, easily-accessible, secure information.
Unlock the self-generation that line-of-business craves – and the governance that your data demands – to create your own interactive dashboards and reports that allow you to see the full picture; then drill down to an acute level of detail to explore what really happened and why.

Build customised reports around your Workforce Management and  Time and Attendance data, analyse your performance, boost your productivity and uncover the insights you need, wherever and whenever you need them.

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Key Features:

  • On-Demand Reporting
    Create your own workforce management reports and dashboards. Allow staff to answer their own questions and ensure the best decisions are always being made.
  • Customisable and Consistent
    Design and customize your dashboards and reports, with your own branding and colour palettes to maintain brand consistency.
  • Access Your Data Anywhere
    With an easy to use, browser-based UI you’ll be able to access your data anywhere and on a multitude of devices – over desktop, laptop or mobile – and never be without the answers you need.
  • Granular Security Control
    Set security control to a granular level, meaning everyone who has the permission to access reports and dashboards can. And those that can’t don’t.
  • Automated Delivery
    Schedule and burst your reports to suit your unique requirements, or allow individuals to
    subscribe, ensuring stakeholders always have the information they need, when they need it. Or
    run ad-hoc queries and analysis on your time and attendance data to satisfy urgent demands for information.
  • A Single, Trusted Source
    Unify your data and create a trusted ‘single source of truth’, allowing you to slice and dice your time and attendance information in a way that reflects your business.
  • Intelligent, guided content
    Smart visualisations recommend the most suitable charts based on your selected data, helping you to spot the patterns in your data that you couldn’t see before.
  • Embed AI in your BI
    Unearth information that may not be obvious or expected, using pattern detection; Use natural language to pose questions of your data.

Become a Data-Driven Organisation

The organisations that thrive in the future will be those that become “data-driven” – those that use data to inform every aspect of their operations. For this to happen, analytics need to be usable by employees throughout the organisation, not just IT or data scientists.
Your data is your most powerful ally. Make it faster, more intuitive and easier to access and provide the Eureka moments that help drive your business forward. Share valuable insights easily, drive insightful, data-driven decision making at every level and power an efficient workforce.

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