We are proud to offer a complete suite of workforce management and time and attendance software solutions that integrate seamlessly, giving you the programmes you require via a centralised platform.

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Intelligent Time & Attendance can integrate with your chosen data capture method to improve your workforce’s efficiency, save you time, reduce overall labour costs and greatly enhance your management analysis and reporting ability.

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Intelligent Scheduling provides managers with complete control over the labour requirements of their team during a working period.

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iSelf Service

Reduce wasted administration time and empower your employees to request holiday, sickness and absence in-system. Enable employees to update personal details and skill sets with minimal intervention from HR or management.

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iCollect is our new app, allowing employees to clock-in and out and carry out site visits, expenses claims and much more.

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Intelligent Access is a web-based product, supported by a range of access control hardware solutions, providing companies with real-time information and control over all on-site movement.

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iJob Costing

Intelligent Job Costing streamlines your workflow, and offers significant improvements in data capture, accuracy, administration, management, analysis and reporting.

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Intelligent HR enables businesses of any size, to electronically store and manage a variety of Human Resource management information in a central software application.

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Intelligent Dashboards

Capita WFM's software come with a fully customisable dashboard reporting tool, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

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What our clients say

  • "Capita's 'Intelligent' solution enables us to access important information easily and to keep tight control on the HR information that we require on each individual's certification as well as ensure staff are paid accurately."

    Jamie Henderson, Balfour Beatty Rail
  • "Having evaluated the market, few companies offered a single database solution incorporating Time and Attendance and Access Control that matched all of our requirements, which included bespoke development and immediate support when required."

    Lisa Carson, Komatsu UK