All of our products come with training documentation and the option for on or off site training. We offer a variety of training courses to meet your requirements, including:

Full Administrator training to ensure correct setup and configuration. These learners might consist of IT, stakFemale employee holding a group training session in a large roomeholders, business experts. This training ensures a clear understanding of the system functionality and that best practice is applied to all future system usage, and typically is delivered classroom-style (at a client or Capita facility).


Managers/Supervisors can be trained either onsite or via a virtual classroom. This training is typically segmented into manageable chunks and a schedule created so staff can select the sessions that are best suited to them.

Any training session can be supplemented with refresher training following ‘go live’ to pick up any questions that have been raised or features that have been forgotten. We frequently run top-up training sessions at our head office in Swindon. These are ideal if you have a new two employees carrying our training on a computer at a deskstarter to your business who could benefit from some additional training.