We are aware that every company has unique requirements. We offer four implementation strategies, based on your specific business requirements:


We provide the required hardware and software, along with documentation to allow you to carry out the installation and configuration of the software with minimal remote support.

Solo project management is intended for very small installations, for example, 1 door access or terminal and under 50 employees. You will require IT expertise and you should be willing to carry out all of the required work yourselves.

Services provided:

  • Documentation covering hardware and software installation
  • User guide
  • 4 or more 1 hour telephone and remote access sessions with support to provide assistance with any aspect of the installation, configuration and use of the software


  • You need a reasonable understanding of installing and setting up software
  • You need to have the ability to physically install the hardware provided
  • Support during the implementation is limited, so complete responsibility for the success of the implementation resides with you


If you cannot install the system yourself, the assisted option provides some essential services while still leaving the majority of the project work to you.

Intended for small businesses who cannot bear the cost of a guided or managed implementation, but aren’t in a position to physically install the software yourself.

Services provided:

  • Hardware and software installation day
  • One on-site training day
  • User guide


  • You will require an internal PM to coordinate the internal project requirements and deliverables
  • You are responsible for driving the project forward, with our assistance and support


Ideally suited to a standard project, we provide at least one project meeting and a minimum of two on-site training days, along with all of the services required for the installation and initial configuration of software.

Intended for medium to large installations, you will have some IT expertise available but would like greater involvement from us. Services include the management of our implementation in conjunction with your own PM.

Services provided:

  • At least one project meeting
  • Bespoke project plan and assistance
  • Pre-installation configuration of our software according to the details supplied
  • Hardware and software installation by our team of engineers
  • At least two on-site training days


  • You will require an internal PM to coordinate your internal project requirements and deliverables.
  • Our PM becomes a Project Team Leader under Prince2, and has responsibility for all aspects of the project to be delivered by our solutions
  • You should allow sufficient time for a standard speed roll-out (average is 8-12 weeks)
  • You are responsible for driving the project forward, with our assistance and support

Premium Managed

We provide bespoke on-site services including full Project Management and Consultancy on a day rate basis.

Intended for large installations, especially if you have particularly tight timescales, very little experience of installing transactional IT systems or no internal PM.

Services provided:

  • On-site presence 1-5 days per week for 4 weeks or more depending on the complexity of the project).
  • This time would encompass all required project management and training, and will include:
    • Weekly project highlight reports
    • Project risk log
    • Technical support as required
  • Project plan and assistance
  • Pre-installation configuration of software
  • Hardware and software installation


  • We require working space for at least 1-2 of our team for the duration of the project
  • You are responsible for ensuring that the required staff are able to devote an appropriate amount of time to project, under the guidance of our PM
  • Assuming that the project team devotes the required time to the project and all deliverables are met, our PM will be responsible for the success of the project