Access Control

Intelligent Access Control

Real-time control and visibility over all on-site movement of employees, visitors, and contractors.

Real-Time Access Control

Intelligent Access Control (iAccess) is our truly flexible access control system. Tailored to suit your exact requirements, iAccess is configurable for sites of all shapes and sizes. Create job-specific access zones quickly and easily to keep your employees safe at all times.

iAccess offers you a wealth of services and ways to improve your business

  • Real-time access control of premises & staff
  • Assign leaving dates for contractors, visitors and staff
  • Create specific door access security rules per department, position or individual employee
  • Multiple hardware options, including card entry systems and biometric devices, for doors, barriers, turnstiles, gates and more.
  • Instant door access system alerts for propped open doors, illegal access attempts and forced entries.
  • Reduced costs arising from break-ins and damage or theft
  • Cost-effective
  • Up to 250,000 cardholders

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Our iAccess Software is supported by an extensive range of industry-leading access control hardware, and will provide a robust security solution for your business – no matter the size.

Choose from a range of data capture options


State-of-the-art biometric door entry systems to suit your business. Avoid tailgating, forgotten cards and fraudulent entry with our fingerprint readers.


Full to half height turnstiles, available in a variety of finishes to suit all locations where a door entry system isn't viable.

Card & Key Fobs

Choose from a variety of smart card-based access systems such as cards, tags, and key fobs.