Payroll Bureau

We offer a flexible approach to payroll integration, offering a bureau service alongside integration with our partners or your existing supplier.

Our Intelligent Time Software can be integrated with all major payroll services such as Earnie and Sage. We are also positioned to offer complete solutions alongside one of our partner services or act as a payroll bureau ourselves.

Polestar Payroll integration

polestar payroll partnershipThere is no doubt that integration between time and attendance systems and payroll has increased the accuracy and efficiency of passing data to the payroll system over manual input. Whilst in the past businesses may have been restricted to an internal payroll system to appreciate these benefits, now Polestar Payroll is able to offer a similar level of integration with its outsourced solutions.

There are many advantages of migrating to an outsourced payroll solution – especially with the added complexity introduced by the HMRC with RTI and Auto-enrolment. These advantages coupled with the Polestar and Capita partnership ensure that businesses aren’t hindered in implementing the best solution to fit their requirements.

The benefits from our solution mean both employers and employees are reassured that they’re being paid on time and accurately for work carried out. With penalties introduced by the HMRC for late submissions, employers can also be assured that real-time data is supplied to the HMRC within the time constraints.

The software used by Polestar Payroll has been specifically designed for high-end bureau use and provides customised import routines to accept data from Intelligent Time. Polestar has years of experience in processing payrolls for many different industries and as a result has encountered most payroll scenarios. With our partnership, Polestar Payroll can now provide businesses with an exceptional level of integration with time and attendance systems.

Earnie Payroll integration

earnieEarnie integrates seamlessly with Intelligent Time to save a huge amount of time and cost on payroll processing. Data captured in Intelligent Time (paid hours, overtime, holiday, sickness, absence etc) is imported by Earnie at the end of the payroll period to prevent any manual input. The accuracy and integrity of the data exported from Intelligent Time takes away the burden of erroneous paper time sheet data, manual entry and operator mistakes.

Our customers who benefit from this integration can testify that they now have a huge amount of time available to carry out their regular duties, without spending hours a day sifting through manual time sheets and making many phone calls to query errors.

From the employee’s point of view, they can be reassured that they’re being paid correctly and on time for the work they’ve carried out. No more paper trails and calls to line managers – the information is always accurate and correct.

2-way data integration between Intelligent Time and Earnie is also available, meaning information held within Earnie is synchronised with Intelligent Time and vice-versa. This eliminates duplicate data entry, ultimately saving time and ensures the integrity of data.