How the World Cup can be positive for Employee Engagement

Events like the football World Cup often have employers worrying about an increase in sickness and absence rates from their employees. However, such events can offer employers an opportunity to boost employee engagement and motivation.

So, how can you harness the power of the World Cup for good in your organisation?

  1. Flexible start and end time
  2. Considering late requests for annual leave
  3. TV showing the games in communal areas such as the canteen
  4. Allowing the use of radios or permitting staff to follow events online on work devices

Our Intelligent Self Service tool is an excellent tool to assist with flexible working, with an option to enable Shift Swapping for employees to simply swap a scheduled shift with a colleague. Alongside that, employees can also request leave using the Self Service portal. Organisations are able to set up their own holiday rules, such as notice periods required for leave requests and minimum staffing levels required. Self Service will take these rules into consideration, and can result in an automatic holiday approval or rejection depending on the number of people already off on that day or shift, and the amount of notice that has been given.

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England’s Group Fixtures:

Monday 18th June @ 19:00 – Vs Tunisia

Sunday 24th June @ 13:00 vs Panama

Thursday 28th June @ 19:00 vs Belgium

Good Luck, England!