Will the new holiday pay changes impact you?

As a result of two key court cases, holiday pay is changing and if you have employees on commission or overtime, these changes will affect you.

Two employment tribunals; Fulton v Bear Scotland and Lock v British Gas; have resulted in new rulings regarding the calculation of holiday pay, stating that overtime and commission should be included in holiday pay calculations.

Simplifying the calculation process and ensuring your workforce is receiving accurate and fair entitlements is something you can start doing immediately. Thanks to our integration with IRIS Payroll, we have the perfect solution: the IRIS Holiday Pay Module.

This innovative and unique module works within the Intelligent Time/IRIS integration, and provides a solution from which you can calculate and manage your bespoke requirements.

IRIS Holiday Pay offers a flexible solution to configure holiday pay automatically, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors associated with manual calculations of employee entitlements.

To find out more about the IRIS Holiday Pay Module, you can visit www.iris.co.uk/holidaypay

Alternatively, contact our Account Managers on 01793 715 475, or email us at info@capitawfm.co.uk to discuss your options.