Remotely working – how can employers prepare for the home worker?

The future is here.

According to The Workplace Insight, employers that embrace remote working and other types of flexibility will win the race for talent. intelligent-collect

Big employers, such as Dell and Deloitte, have long realised that remote working isn’t just a passing phase, and as such have created formalised remote working programmes to benefit both employees and the company bottom line.

This trend is now being picked up by small-to-mid sized businesses, which are embracing the idea that remote working can not only drive productivity and profitability, but also create a better work environment for employees. Whether it’s to reduce overhead costs, have a lighter carbon footprint, attract talent, or expand into new territories, remote working holds a lot of benefits for the companies that take it seriously.

Of course, there are legal implication for employers. According to the European Court of Justice (ECJ), time taken to travel to and from work at the beginning and end of each day should count as working time under the law. Workers without a traditional fixed office should be able to charge for the time taken on such journeys.

So how can employers track the hours worked by remote employees and ensure that they are correctly paid and monitored? 

We recommend our Intelligent Collect app to manage your remote employees and track their worked hours.

Intelligent Collect is designed to empower employees to record their attendance from anywhere in the world. Using a downloadable smartphone application, employees can quickly and easily provide records about their day. By using the in-built GPS in smartphones, accurate co-ordinates can be captured to show the location where the ‘clock-in’ took place.

Intelligent Collect can be tailored to provide different groups or teams with custom menu options, relevant to their role. Using a simple web-based interface, businesses can design custom forms to capture relevant data as and when required.

Intelligent Collect is quick and simple to set up, and priced from £3 per user per month. Contact us to discuss our year-end promotional pricing and start seeing the business benefits straight away!

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