New Software Update – iTime V4.2 is here!

iTime Update – Version 4.2 is here!

We’re pleased to announce that the latest software update of our time and attendance module, iTime, will be available on Monday 20th November.

Version 4.2 is now being rolled out, and with it comes a host of new features and an updated look for our iAccess and iCollect customers, including:


  • Access Zones – You can now set up a series of Access Zones within your site(s), to create common and restricted areas for all of your employees.
  • Access Profiles -Create a number of Access Profiles, that can be easily assigned to specific job roles within your organisation to create a secure environment, and allow access to those who need it.
  • Locked Users – We have added a lock icon to indicate those employees with a locked user profile, making it easier to identify them from the search screen.


  • Automatic Login – iCollect will now automatically try to log, or re-log users in if they’re in an area of bad connectivity.
  • Draft Feature – Users can now save drafts as they go along, allowing them to enter and exit the app as and when they need.
  • Sync & Loading – We’ve added a new sync icon and a loading bar so that it’s clearly visible when your forms are being uploaded and saved.
  • Look & Navigation – New & improved look and feel, to improve your user experience.