National Apprenticeship Week – Q&A with Ryan Francis

Name – Ryan Francis

Apprenticeship – Level 2 Diploma in IT User Skills (ITQ)

Current Role – Junior Implementations Consultant

Q. What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

A.  I was looking to get into an IT career however, I didn’t have the qualifications to easily get a job within an IT field. So, I checked for apprenticeships as they can help earn the required qualifications to start a career off in IT.

Q. What attracted you to the role and the company?

A. When I research Capita, I had saw that they had a great reputation when it came to apprenticeships as they had been part of the program for many years and had even hired many of the apprentices they trained which really appealed to me. While I was unsure how well the role might suit me, I knew it would be a great start and I’m really glad I applied for the role.

Q. What role are you doing now?

A.  I’m now a Junior Implementations Consult. I work with our clients to get their systems and hardware set up.

Q. Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others?

A. I would recommend an apprenticeship to others, as it can help them build on their knowledge towards their desired job role. An apprenticeship is also a great way to gain experience for the future and help them know if it’s the right path they want to take.

Q. How did you prepare for the interview process?

A. To prepare for the interview I did research on Capita to find out what the company does as I hadn’t previously heard of them until finding the application.  This also helped me get an understanding of what I might be doing during my apprenticeship.

Q. How was it balancing full time work with the qualification?

A. Balancing fulltime work with any coursework was fairly easy in my opinion, we had the opportunity to work on the qualification during any quiet periods at work as well as at home in my own time.

Q. What’s surprised you about your apprenticeship?

A. I was surprised out how easy it was to complete the apprenticeship wile working from home. Halfway through, the pandemic had started forcing everyone to work from home rather than the office. However, we were still able to get any support we need for both work and coursework.

Q. What has been your biggest achievement so far?

A. My biggest achievement so far is having gone from knowing nothing about SQL code at the beginning of the apprenticeship to writing scripts that have been used on customers live server. Whether these have been simple scripts to improve QoL or larger scripts that have been used to update larger chunks of information in the database.