National Apprenticeship Week – Meet The Apprentices

National Apprenticeship Week – Meet The Apprentices

In a continuation of our spotlight on our current apprentices for National Apprenticeship Week, we had a quick chat to William Rossi, another of our Junior Implementation Consultants, who is also doing an apprenticeship in IT User Skills.

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What made you apply for an apprenticeship? I couldn’t find a way to get into the type of IT-focused role I wanted, and I wanted to start earning. Having previously been to college, I knew that a full-time college course wouldn’t have helped me get where I wanted to be. When I heard about apprenticeships, it sounded like an ideal scenario.

What attracted you to the role and the company? I’m interested in IT and the role seemed like a good way to get into SQL systems and databases. Being part of the wider Capita PLC group and the opportunities that could bring was also attractive to me.


 What role are you doing now? Like Lewi, I’m an implementation Consultant so I spend my time installing customers systems, visiting their sites

, supporting the service desk and maintaining their databases.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to others? Yes, absolutely. Having been through college before, I think that an apprenticeship gives you the practical experience which is so important to get a job and start your career that you don’t get in full-time education. It’s been good to get the experience of working and collaborating with different people across the business to complete projects too.

 How did you prepare for the interview process? I researched the business using the website and then did some more research into the product and Time & Attendance software. I also looked at the required knowledge on the job description and brushed up my knowledge in these areas.

 How is it balancing full-time work with the qualification? I find it really easy because as I’m doing a Level 2 qualification, all of the learning side of things is covered through observations at work with my college assessor.

What’s surprised you about your apprenticeship? I think how quickly we were trusted to start working on customers systems. It’s given me the chance to get lots of experience right from the start.

What has been your biggest achievement so far? Learning SQL has been really beneficial and I’ve now got enough experience to be delivering projects without having to ask questions or have senior colleagues help out.