We’re listening – survey results

In November 2016, we launched our annual Customer Survey, and the results have got us thinking… 

Throughout the end of 2016, almost 100 of our clients participated in our survey, taking the time to provide detailed feedback on all aspects of the business, from our software to our service, terminals and to our timekeeping.

The results have been both rewarding and thought-provoking.

We were pleased to receive some fantastic feedback on departments and specific members of teams, and to hear that over 90% of respondents considered their Capita systems business critical.

Over 76% of respondents were highly pleased with our portfolio of hardware, 35% of respondents thought we were the most feature rich option available on the market, and 13% of respondents implemented one of our solutions on recommendation from a friend or colleague.

However, the survey has highlighted some key points that we have taken away to work on, and we would like to share the steps we are taking to improve customer experience.

Only 12% of customers update their software with each new release

The first cause for concern was the infrequency with which clients who host their own systems update their software. We make all new software releases available to customers free of charge, and managed updates can be purchased as part of our premium services.

As with all systems, it is incredibly important that customers keep their hardware and software up-to-date to ensure it continues working optimally. Keep an eye on our newsletters and emails from your account manager for details of new releases.

54% of respondents were not aware of their Service Level Agreement (SLA). Only 20% of respondents use our customer portal to log and view tickets.

We were concerned to hear that not all users who responded to the survey were aware of which SLA their company had taken out with us, and what they can expect from our support function.

As well as low portal usage, 33% of respondents email their account manager about support cases, and a small percentage even try emailing specific team members directly. This has caused a significant amount of concern within our team, as it creates a single point of failure (SPoF). Specific team members cannot log cases, and can only direct you to the support channels. Should they be away there may, therefore, be a delay before the case is forwarded to support.

It was clear from this that we could be doing more to ensure all end users are aware of the support level agreements in place…

The new Service Charter went live on 1st February 2017 

Over the last year, you may have noticed some changes to our service teams, including a new face on our service desk – our Support Manager, Lee Marsden (pictured).

From day 1 Lee has become an invigorating force on the team, and has been working tirelessly to draw up a new Service Charter. The Service Charter is a document which can be found on our customer portal, and is currently being circulated by our account managers, and details everything customers can expect with their SLA, upgrade options, black and white support processes and escalation routes.

As well as taking on extra team members, efforts are being made to streamline our support processes, and make the fair and equal treatment of customers on each tiered SLA our number 1 priority.

The majority of clients will also see an uplift in response times based on their previous SLAs.

Please note: as of 1st May 2017, the email address for all support related issues will change to wfmsupport@capitawfm.co.uk 

By implementing the new Service Charter, we hope that all customers will see an improved experience with support by knowing exactly what stage your tickets are at, their urgency status, and the timescales you can expect for responses.

If you have a question about your support or software updates, our account management team will be happy to help! Contact your account manager, or the team on 01793 715 475 (option 1) today.