Do you know…How to manage holidays effectively?

Do you know….How to manage holidays effectively?

Managing leave is one of the most crucial parts of workforce planning and also one of the most important to an employee. If you’re not managing this efficiently you’ll not only incur additional costs but also impact your employee’s ability to book leave without adversely affecting the business.

By using iTime’s Holiday Accrual Rules, you’ll never need to calculate a leave balance again! Once an employee is set up in the system, Holiday Accrual Rules will automatically calculate pro-rata balances going forward. It will also calculate any final balances when an employee’s leaving date is entered.

Worried you’ll not have enough cover during peak holidays? Fear not, Intelligent Cover Requirements (ICR) has you covered. ICR allows you to set how many people can be off at any one time, to ensure you have a base cover of staff. Alerts can then be set to notify managers if the pre-set levels are likely to be breached due to too many holiday requests.

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