Keeping Staff Engaged Whilst Working Remotely

Keeping Staff Engaged Whilst Working Remotely


Organisations have always questioned whether working from home is a good policy. However, almost overnight more than two thirds of the UK’s employees were working from home for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic lockdown, whilst nearly half (47%) having never worked from home before (Cass business school, June 2020). With the pandemic accelerating the digital transformation of many organisations, and with more companies, including ourselves switching to an almost completely remote way of working until at least the end of the year, how then do we  look to keep staff engaged as best as possible?

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There are a few main principles that are worth noting:

Keep people updated – The key to success as a fully remote team is consistent, transparent communication. This is especially important as the coronavirus situation continues to unfold and change. iTime allows individuals on all levels to see exactly what is happening in their own schedule, and managers can view team schedules, creating a complete and up-to-date picture of what is happening within the organisation.

Avoid micromanaging – For companies that are used to a traditional office environment, it can be tempting for leaders to check in constantly to make sure employees are on task while they’re working from home. However, micromanaging your team will only instil a feeling of distrust. Therefore, engaging your remote workers starts with a high-trust culture which iTime could play a dynamic part of, by scheduling people to shifts and jobs, managers have visibility of what’s being worked on without having to constantly check in and ask for updates.

Help employees feel inclusive – This point is a natural progression from the previous one and builds upon how to better develop company culture in a way which makes employees feel inclusive with the increased trust they now have in their work life.

Celebrate milestones & achievements – In addition to the usual KPI’s, why not set mini-milestones for a weekly or monthly basis. They could be social, cultural or personal development related rather than performance driven to keep the team engaged and to recognise the additional tasks that go on in the background. It’s also important to check in when a mini-milestone isn’t achieved or runs late; what’s the reason for the delay, do they need additional support or are business blockers hindering progress and how can they be overcome?

Although, we all know there are many other ways of keeping employees engaged whilst working from home, these are some of the key points that I believe are most beneficial. This process is not only something we support clients with, it’s the way we have developed internally to support one another at Capita Workforce Management

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