Four Ways to Manage Summer Holidays and Schedules

Four Ways to Manage Summer Holidays and Schedules

Last month, the news was filled with the story of a Police Officer in Gloucestershire who was dismissed from the force after allegedly pulling three sickies on days that he’d previously had holiday declined for. Unfortunately, this isn’t a new trend, but, it is one that you can take steps to manage and mitigate.

With the August Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon, it’s likely that a proportion of your workforce will be wanting to take time off. Are you ready? Because when it comes to workforce management, it’s essential to be prepared.

To help you maintain your productivity and limit overtime payments, we’ve put together some top tips for managing schedules and rosters:

Stop! Communicate and listen

In the adapted words of Vanilla Ice, you need to stop, communicate and listen. Communication really is key. Make sure you let your team know about your holiday policy and rules so they are clear from the off. Make sure everyone knows how much time they can have off in any one period, how much notice they should give and when requests need to be submitted by. Leave limits can be set in our Self Service module, e.g. a maximum of 2 weeks, which will help ensure your team can all take some time off during peak periods.


Play by the rules

Whilst it’s always good to play by the rules, in this instance, we mean your scheduling and holiday rules. In our iSchedule system, you can set up both leave levels, to ensure you don’t allow too many of your employees to be off at any one time, thereby not compromising your productivity levels.



It’s essential that your shift patterns meet your daily work demand; if they don’t, this will be costing you. Either with poor productivity or with additional costs for overtime payments. Our iSchedule module allows you to set up minimum staffing levels to make sure you always have the correct base level of staff.


Finally, look to optimise your shift patterns. The traditional 4-on-4-off continental shift pattern can be hugely antisocial for employees, which in turn can increase absenteeism and also decrease staff morale. By making relatively simple changes to your shift planning, you can optimise your employee’s shifts to maximise their time off and therefore create a better work-life balance for them.

To find out more about how iSchedule can optimise your shift patterns and ultimately benefit your business, join us for a free webinar on 8th September.