iTime Upgrade Guide & Offer

iTime Upgrade Guide & Offer

Following the recent announcement at the National Customer Forum and in the June issue of WFM Intelligence, we would like to remind all customers that as of 1st January 2018, only versions 1508 and 4.1 of Intelligent Time will be supported. This is due to a number of technical reasons around future development of the product.

We kindly ask that all customers are running v1508 as a minimum requirement by the 1st January 2018.

We have created a comprehensive upgrade guide to share with you the features and benefits of upgrading. A summary of the guide is below and the full upgrade guide can be downloaded here: iTime Updates Guide

What features do the newer versions have?


Both 1508 and 4.1 contain a whole host of new features, that will hopefully make your system run a lot more efficiently and improve your processes. Some of these features are:

  • Anomaly Management Interface (AMI) – Gone are the days of having to deal with anomalies as and when they occur.
  • With AMI, you can deal with bulk anomalies, be that at the end of each day, week or month be it for clocking or over-time related issues!
  • Intelligent Cover Request (ICR) – A brand new feature that allows you to ensure you have the correct level of cover at any particular time. It can also manage holiday and absence requests to maintain the minimum resourcing levels.
  • Facilities Management System (FMS) – a replacement of Firmware Controller, the new system is responsible for all communication between the system and any clocking or access control hardware on your sites. FMS allows multiple processes to run simultaneously. For example, you could download an update to the terminals and door controls while it still records clocking data.
  • Multishift (v.4.1 only) – Allows the allocation of more than one shift to a working day, if required; Different overtime rules can be applied to specific shifts if required or across the whole day; the Employee Multi-shift Screen allows a user to create or edit shift patterns.

How do I upgrade?

Contact your Account Manager or the Support Team to discuss upgrade options, pricing, and timescales, today. Email  for more information.