Intelligent Dashboards – real-time data accessible from anywhere

With increasingly mobile workforces, it is crucial to provide relevant employees with instant access to data – regardless of their location.

Using the latest technology, ‘Intelligent Dashboards‘ is a real-time web-based application that brings all of your workforce management data into one centralised, visual view. Accessible via PC, tablet or smartphone, Intelligent Dashboards can be used at any location and at any time, ensuring staff are always making dashboards - goodaccurate and informed business decisions.

All data is seamlessly taken from our Intelligent Time system, ensuring consistency and enabling drill-down to department levels. An easily configurable interface can show multiple sets of data and allow users to select a range of display formats including charts, graphs and tables.

Furthermore, Intelligent Dashboards contains the ability to link to other 3rd part software systems, providing the scope to compare – and customise – workforce management data sets against other essential business information.

Who can use Intelligent Dashboards?

The system is suitable for businesses of any shape, size and sector. As an example, we have customers currently utilising Intelligent Dashboards across…

  • Warehousing: Display data on large screens to provide a real-time visual representation of labour productivity against budgeted finance costs
  • Health and Safety: Access data via PCs, tablets and smartphones for an instant display of live information, for employees on-or off-site. Access can be configured dependent upon the level and type of user (for example, based on the level of qualification held – First Aider/Fire Marshall etc)
  • Facilities Management: Present data on smartphones or tablets to provide a global view of employee location, job/activity, and pay grade
  • Senior Management: Show a variety of KPIs critical to business operations, for example under- or over-staffing, attendance issues, areas running outside of budget expectations etc.

If you would like further information on how our Intelligent Dashboards can help you, get in touch with us on 01793 378583, or email

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