Free sample passport check at the Cleaning Show 2013

We will be attending the 2013 Cleaning show this March to showcase our market-leading Passport Scanning product. Bring along a sample of your workforce’s ID or proof of ‘Right to Work’ documents to have them validated! 

Our Passport Scanner is a pioneering product allowing companies to be proactive in proving ‘Right to Work’ for all employees – old and new. With the UK Border Agency taking an increasingly tough stance on foreign workers without ‘Right to Work’, and reported fines of up to £10,000 per employee, it’s vital companies are certain their workforce is legal.

As part of the employee enrolment procedure, companies should be asking employees to prove their ‘Right to Work’ in the UK. Traditionally this took the form of the applicant presenting their passport, visa, work permit or other identity document to the recruiter. Typically the recruiter would then take a photocopy as proof. However with the increasing frequency and quality of forged documents this just isn’t sufficient – the onus is on the employer to provide ‘Statutory Excuse’ in the event of mistakenly employing an illegal worker.

This is where our Passport Scanner comes in!

With a combination of state-of-the-art hardware and software, the scanner can quickly verify a document’s authenticity – meaning the company is able to make an instantaneous and informed decision on its legality.

The scanner checks more than the eye can see, going as far as to verify ultraviolet, infrared,  and ‘confirm’ laminates or embedded microchips, meaning that even if the document looks real, you won’t be fooled! The software even goes as far as to store this data, meaning that you can produce it should you be challenged by the UKBA as part of your ‘statutory excuse’.

Throughout the Cleaning Show, we will be offering companies the chance to have a sample of their employees’ documents verified instantly. Bring along a sample passport or visa and have our team demonstrate the Passport Scanner’s capabilities and give you instantaneous information on the document’s authenticity and explanation as to why it passed or failed.

For more information on the our Passport Scanner visit or watch a demo here.

We will also be available to discuss any other requirements related to our other products: Intelligent Time, Intelligent Access, Intelligent HR etc. Of particular interest to cleaning companies is our Telephone clocking utility.