Flexible Working Bill – What could it mean?

Flexible Working Presented to Parliament

Last week, MP’s delivered the Flexible Working Bill to parliament. Presented by Conservative MP Helen Whatley, she argued that unless employers have a sound business reason for having specific working hours, organisations should allow flexible working to all employees in any position. It is thought that by making flexible working accessible to everyone, it will help to close the gender pay gap, help businesses retain staff and assist parents with childcare arrangements.

Despite the right to request flexible working that was introduced in 2014, less that 10% of positions with a salary of more than £20,000 are currently advertised as being flexible. Whilst MP’s recognised that many jobs need to be done from a specific location, or at a set time, the bill would require employers to set out reasons why a job could not be done flexibly.

So, what is flexible working?

Flexible working is any way of working that suits an employee’s needs. However, under current legislation, an employee must have worked at the same employer for 26 weeks to be eligible for making a flexible working request. Under the proposed changes presented last week, employees would be eligible to request flexible working as soon as they start a new job.


Managing a flexible workforce

Over the last few years, we’ve had a wide range of customers come to us with an increasing need to capture flexible working arrangements; everything from Flexitime, job-sharing, part-time, annualised and compressed hours to meet their employees’ requirements. We’re proud that our workforce management system can give businesses the flexibility they, and importantly, their employees need in today’s constantly evolving workplace.

If you’re looking to implement flexible working into your organisation or want a more efficient way of managing your existing processes, give our team of experienced workforce management professionals a call today or click here to discuss your requirements and how we could help your business and employees.