Finding a New Normal

Finding a new normal

Laura Halliday, Business Development Manager


I think it’s safe to say that the last few weeks have been some of the weirdest of my life, and no doubt yours as well. Many reports on the news have claimed that this is the biggest peacetime disruption we’ve experienced.

Despite the fact that my role is pretty flexible and when I’m not travelling, I tend to work from home a few days a week, this new situation still required me to transition to working from home every day, for the foreseeable future. As we enter the next phase of lockdown, I wanted to reflect on how I’ve found the last few weeks and what’s helped me to get into my “new normal”.

For me, establishing a daily routine that’s close to my “pre-COVID” one has been really helpful. Getting up at my regular time, walking the dog, maintaining a health(-ish) diet, and getting ready for work as usual has helped me get into the right headspace for my day ahead. I’d like to add that I’m only human, and on certain days, these aren’t all achieved, and something might have to give from one day to the next.

I’ll admit that I found the first few days tough, getting used to not seeing my colleagues and having endless Teams calls, but by adding a weekly coffee catch-up and Friday afternoon drinks with the team in the diary helped to establish a sense of normality, and something that I hope we continue after lock-down ends as we’re spread around the country.

Something I’ve realised over the last month is that the heart of our business isn’t an office or physical location. It’s the great people that make up our team. It’s been amazing to see how the team has pulled together, especially in helping mobilising a key client to work at the NHS Nightingale emergency response hospital at London’s Excel, ensuring that their employees get paid correctly while carrying out crucial services for the NHS.

We’re lucky to have a robust Business Continuity Plan in place, and despite the disruption, we are operating business as usual. Many of our customers rely on our systems for their businesses to run smoothly, and we are there to support them through this period. Our Account Managers have been hosting remote training sessions, and we have a number of webinars that will be released over the coming weeks to help our customers get the most from their Time & Attendance systems at this challenging time.

The challenges our customers face relate to their operational requirements, therefore our biggest tool is to listen to how we can support them. In the months to come, companies across the country will be adjusting to a workforce that can work dynamically and may even start to operate differently as a result. When that time comes, our products are there to help your business evolve and transform.