Client server Vs Software as a Service (SaaS)

More and more often we are explaining the arguments both for and against client server installations and the SaaS solution for time and attendance. To help, please see below for  an overview of the key areas for consideration:

Client server

For client server:

  • Typically a more feature rich interface and product
  • Wider range of compatible hardware
  • Existing integration with established products and providers
  • Uses existing IT infrastructure- not paying a premium for a Hosted environment
  • Data stored internally, ownership of data is on you
  • Single upfront cost, low annual maintenance cost
  • Return on investment in medium to long term is significantly better
  • Lease purchase options are available spreading the cost of the investment and lowering the barrier to entry

Against Client Server:

  • Dependant upon internal IT infrastructure
  • High barrier to entry – i.e high cost to set up initially


For SaaS:

  • Ideal for start up businesses with limited or no infrastructure
  • Data hosted in a secure site, with 100% up time
  • Low barrier to entry

Against SaaS:

  • Typically a newer product with limited functionality
  • Limited in terms of data capture devices suited to a SaaS Time systems i.e. not XML
  • Not integrated with Access Control or other locally installed established products
  • Often minimum 12-36 month contract periods apply
  • Long term cost of running system stays fixed often minimising return on investment
  • Architecture can’t be stretched… often fixed by licence
  • Professional services are often an extra cost
  • False economy as it’s hard to move later when running costs grow exponentially