Changes to Workers’ Rights – We’ve Got a Solution to Help!

Worried About the New Changes to Workers’ Rights? Don’t Panic, We’ve Got a Solution to Help!

Tougher Rules

It was announced yesterday that the Government is bringing in tougher rules for employers surrounding worker’s rights, called the “Good Work” Plan.

The Government is introducing the following key changes:

  • Holiday and sick pay for gig & zero-hours workers.
  • A right for all workers (not just zero hours & agency staff) to request a more stable contract.
  • A right for all workers to demand payslips.

The changes have been introduced following recommendations made in last year’s Taylor Review. This was an independent study reviewing modern working practices and particularly concentrated on the gig economy and flexible working.

So, what do these changes mean for you and your business?

Going forward, you’ll need to ensure that holiday and sick pay is paid to all workers – even those on a zero hour contract or other forms of flexible working agreement. If you’re worried about how you’re going to go about calculating these, then fear not! Our flagship product, Intelligent Time (iTime) has the capability of ensuring your employees are paid for the correct hours they’ve worked. And, importantly,  it is also able to calculate holiday accruals, rates of pay and much more.

iTime can be specifically configured to reflect your business’ unique contract based working rules (CBWR), ensuring that contractual terms around pay, overtime and holiday rules are adhered to throughout the system.

Alongside this, our Intelligent Self Service (iSelf Service) product links seamlessly into iTime. iSelf Service allows employees to view their holiday, absence and sickness records and accruals through an easily accessible web and mobile portal. Additionally, this gives your employees a sense of empowerment to request holidays and absence when the need arises. Employees and workers also have the ability to view payslips and their hours worked via the Self Service portal, allowing for any discrepancies to be rectified prior to going to payroll.

For more information on how iTime can help you implement the new workers’ rights, please contact our team by emailing or by calling 01793 378583.