Case Study – How Fingerprint Scanners Improved Payroll Accuracy

How fingerprints turned unchecked lateness into savings and improved payroll accuracy

Ambassadors Bloomsbury is a leading hotel in central London. Offering the very best in guest services in beautiful surroundings, Ambassadors has perfected the high-end hotel package
for visits to the Capital.

The Challenge 

Ambassadors Bloomsbury truly is a 24/7 operation and as with all bustling hotels, they employ a large workforce working a diverse range of schedules. From housekeeping to hospitality, and front of house to maintenance, the shift patterns, and rotas can often be complex and difficult to track.

Needless to say, managing and monitoring the activity of such a diverse workforce was an incredibly time-consuming job for the HR team at Ambassadors Bloomsbury. The key challenge faced, was ensuring that their employees were being paid correctly for the hours they had worked and the tasks carried out.

Another issue the team faced was that of security. With changing faces in the hotel each day, it was imperative they were able to restrict access to areas of the hotel for staff only.
Ambassadors Bloomsbury recognised that efficiencies could be made by implementing an integrated time and attendance and access control system

Our Approach

With a fully integrated solution, we were able to provide Ambassadors Bloomsbury with a business solution that helped improve their business processes. Implementing a biometric clocking system with iTime, the hotel was able to log the working hours of employees, eliminating paper time sheets and buddy clocking. iAccess Control was also rolled out, to secure areas of the hotel for employee access only, giving the management team peace of mind and the knowledge of which members of staff were on site.

With the rollout of iTime, Ambassadors the Capita team also deployed an integration into the payroll system simplifying the monthly payroll process and ensuring accurate pay for employees. With the addition of Intelligent HR, Ambassadors Bloomsbury also has a central database to store essential employee data including training records, qualifications and contract information


“We first purchased Intelligent Time based on a recommendation, and now our time and attendance system is seen as a business critical tool. I would recommend it to other HR managers in the leisure sector; automating recording of hours makes it easier to manage payroll and accuracy of attendance from all members of staff.”
Cecilia Tawdrous (Executive Head Housekeeper & HR Manager), Ambassadors Bloomsbury 

The Impact

Capita has enabled Ambassadors Bloomsbury to reap the benefits of customisable, automated and comprehensive workforce management;

  • Accurate pay for all employees
  • Improved visibility and dynamic alterations of shifts and rotas.
  • Unchecked lateness and absence costs reduced
  • Numerous hours of administration time saved
  • Simplified payroll process


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