Camgrain Improves Visibility & Safety with Capita WFM



Camgrain works at the forefront of establishing partnerships between farmers and consumers, maximising returns to their farmer members, through outstanding service in the storage, logistics and marketing of their crops. Camgrain operates four Advanced Processing Centres, working as one co-ordinated unit to optimise farmer collections and customer deliveries.


With a legacy clocking-in system in place, Camgrain required a new solution that would accurately capture employees working hours in real-time. The fob-based system also brought with it additional unnecessary costs of the business with employees regularly losing or forgetting their clocking fob.
Camgrain also struggled to get real-time data – all clocking records were stored in the terminals and had to be downloaded onto a USB before they could be processed. This not only didn’t give the business the visibility it needed at the right time but was a timeconsuming process.
It was during a local networking event that the Camgrain IT Manager was recommended the Capita Workforce Management (WFM) solution by an existing WFM customer.

“Our old system was antiquated, we had to download data onto USB’s. With all our Capita terminals on the network, we can see instantly who is in work.”


Camgrain implemented a combined Time & Attendance, HR and employee Self Service solution across the four sites. With employee numbers doubling during the annual harvest time, Camgrain needed a system that could handle fluctuating staff levels, and, the ability to enrol lots of new employees in a short space of time.
The ability to introduce biometric terminals met all the requirements. With a simple enrolment process and the addition of PIN numbers of every employee as an extra verification.
Camgrain also wanted to improve Health & Safety reporting, and a bespoke fire link was required to keep track of all employees on all sites so that roll-calls were accurate in the event of an incident.


“The system was highly recommended to us due to ease of use around logging and clearing exceptions… The central database of the system and the ease of the processing and admin has been a big benefit.”


The self-service module ensures that even when employees are at a remote site without a clocking terminal, they can still clock in and out of work through the employee portal. This has had a two-pronged benefit of firstly ensuring remote workers are still paid correctly, and secondly, knowing who is working at each site, and when, safeguarding employees whilst at work.
Camgrain also utilised the system fire report for health and safety purposes. In the event of a fire, an automated report listing all employees in work is emailed to all managers and fire marshalls so that is is accessible on mobile devices, ensuring that roll-calls can be taken at all locations. All employees now clock in to keep accurate H&S records.
In addition, the reporting module has reduced the time it takes to create reports, which prior to using Capita WFM had been manually collated in a spreadsheet. Working off a central, networked system, all clocking records are now visible in real-time for managers to action. This has dramatically cut administration time and general data processing for the business.

“Overall, it’s a really user-friendly system. We are exploring more and more features of the system each day such as the training record reports and links”

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