Biometric Access Control

James Bond. Minority Report. Capita WFM.

We’ve all got something in common.

Biometric Access Control.

Using the latest biometric geometry technology, our new software release, Version 4.3, now supports biometric access control. In today’s world with an increasing need to secure working environments and protect personnel, physical goods, and intellectual property, biometric access control offers you an affordable and secure solution to manage your workplace.

Offering a more sophisticated method of authenticating individuals, biometric access control removes the need for employees to carry ID cards and fobs and requiring just their fingerprints. As a result, this eliminates employees sharing or borrowing fobs to gain access to areas of your business, creating a more secure workplace. Following the path of all our software solutions, this is fully scalable to your business requirements from a single door to multiple doors across a network of sites.

We have carried out an extensive research and development programme to bring you the latest technology and the best terminals and controllers on the market.

If you’re already using our biometric Time and Attendance solution, have you considered extending your biometric portfolio by introducing biometric access control to compliment your existing clocking methods? For more information on upgrading your system to include biometric access control, please contact your account manager by calling 01793 715475 or send us an email.