Job Costing Software

Job costing solution software with data capture functionalityStreamline efficiency and improve your project management, reporting and analytics.

Intelligent Job Costing streamlines your workflow, and offers significant improvements in data capture, accuracy, administration, management, analysis and reporting.

As well as improving efficiency in manufacturing and distribution environments, (logging hours against job or batch codes), Intelligent Job Costing is also used in the design, service and support industries to log time against projects, cost centres or budgetary codes.

New job details are entered from your existing job and order processing systems and job/payroll accruals are then output to your preferred invoicing and finance systems.


  • Significant time saving by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Automatic output of job data to invoicing and payroll systems
  • Budgets for time and cost and percentage completion
  • Analysis of employee performance against target
  • Reporting of performance / profitability / exceptions etc.
  • Multi-user software supports network wide use and access to data

Job sequence management

Job CostingWith job or sequence management, employee hours can be allocated to job or sequence set within the software. You can manage and review the time spent in a particular job or sequence, track movement and detail exact hours worked.

Typically an employee has a default job or sequence, however at any time the employee can change by using a customised keypad or bar code scanner connected to the terminal.

Alternatively, your manager can use the software to edit an employee’s hours prior to or after the event.

Dependent upon the number of terminals in operation, job or sequence can be assigned to terminals. For example, if an employee clocks in at Site 1 in the morning and then travels to Site 2 in the afternoon (providing they have clocked in at each location), our Intelligent Job Costing reporting can track time spent at both sites, and calculate the travel time in-between.

Job Costing solutions downloads

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