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With over 30 years’ experience in Time and Attendance systems, we provide real-time employee tracking with tangible benefits.

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Putting you in control

As a real business tool, Intelligent Time (iTime) provides the time and attendance services your business requires, collating relevant and accurate information to save time, costs and resources. Configured to operate to your exact specifications our time management clocking system will not only report on historical data through flexible, data-rich views but gives you access to real-time information as well as alerting you to pre-defined issues or anomalies by email giving you total control.

iTime gives you access to your employee’s time and attendance records quickly and easily, with the added ability to carry out Cost Centre Analysis, Activity Monitoring and Job Costing. Depending on your specific requirements, the latest in Ethernet, Biometric, Proximity, Magstripe, Barcode, Telephone Clocking, PC and GPRS handheld data capture devices are integrated with our time management clocking system to deliver a total solution. Utilise the power and flexibility of iTime and free yourself from mundane, time-consuming and costly tasks normally associated with gathering the information you require!

iTime offers both PC and web-based interfaces and is designed specifically to minimise the learning curve, reducing the impact of implementation on your day to day business. Because our time and attendance systems are scalable and modular, we provide quick and easy installation of card terminals. No matter how much your business develops you have a system that will grow with you, and will even integrate with remote sites.

iTime makes compliance with the European Working Time Directive easy and because the clocking in system calculates in real-time you have instant information to hand for project costing and planning.

Putting you in control

iTime offers you a wealth of services and ways to improve your business

Overpayment Reduction

Reduction of overpayments of employee wages

With employee wages frequently making up the biggest single expenditure by a business, being able to reduce over payments is an excellent way to reduce outgoings. Our workforce time and attendance system accurately records start and end times, breaks taken and overtime accruals. Companies using our time and attendance services save on average 1-3% of their annual wage bill.


Administration time freed up

Using paper-based time sheets, or time and attendance systems that don’t properly meet your business needs, can take up a huge amount of administrative time. iTime can on average reduce administrative time spent on time sheet and wage calculations.


Become a smarter business

Once configured to your needs, iTime employee tracking is able to collect vital data that can be used to establish and track trends across your business, improve productivity and make your business more streamlined and smarter, ultimately reducing costs and increasing revenues.

How much can I save?

Let's calculate your current costs and see how much you can save with our Time and Attendance systems.

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We could help you save

of profit each year in reduced absences

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Let's calculate your current costs and see how much you can save with our workforce management system.

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Benefit statement

Contract-Based Working

Our time and attendance services give you the ability to assign a contract to an employee or group of employees with their unique rules of employment in place for the solution to automatically calculate against, such as:

  • Holiday & Sickness balance accruals based on length of service or pro rata calculations.
  • Overtime or Shift Premiums/uplifts based on time of the day, week, month or year.
  • Statutory Sick Pay & ‘Waiting Days’ calculations.
  • Bonus Calculations based on lateness and attendance rules.

Benefit statement

Minimum Staffing Levels

iTime allows you to define a minimum number of employees required for any one area, department or shift. Any Holiday, Sickness and Absence bookings made in the workforce time and attendance system are aware of these parameters and may be declined if the staffing level is breached. Managers will be alerted to take action if a number of scheduled employees falls below the minimum staff levels with the ability to schedule cover on the same screen.

Benefit statement

Payroll Integration

We offer a flexible approach to payroll integration, offering integration with a number of partners or your existing supplier.

iTime can be integrated with all major payroll services including Earnie and Sage. We are also positioned to offer complete solutions alongside one of our partner services or act as a payroll bureau ourselves.

Earnie Payroll integration

Earnie integrates seamlessly with iTime to save a huge amount of time and cost of payroll processing. Data captured in the time tracking software (paid hours, overtime, holiday, sickness, absence etc) is imported by Earnie at the end of the payroll period to prevent any manual input. The accuracy and integrity of the data exported from iTime takes away the burden of erroneous paper timesheet data, manual entry and the potential for operator mistakes.

Earnie integrates time and attendance systems with payrollFrom the employee’s point of view, they can be reassured that they’re being paid correctly and on time, for the work they’ve carried out. No more paper trails and calls to line managers – the information is always accurate and correct.

Two-way data integration between iTime and Earnie is also available. This eliminates duplicate data entry, ultimately saving time and ensures the integrity of data.

Task/Activity Analysis

iTime is able to track and calculate hours and/or costs that the employees are swiping against on the ‘shop floor’ These activities/task are pre-built by the user with the ability to set various rules such as:

  • Hourly rate
  • Productive or unproductive
  • Time of day this activity or task is available to swipe against
  • Auto-end the previous activity/task when the employee swipes to a new one
  • Assign an employee to a default activity/task if they always work in the same area
  • Compare and calculate against a set budget for the area or department
  • Live dashboards to monitor employee’s current job/task status and productivity measuring against pre-defined KPI’s

Configured Systems

iTime can be configured to function with a wide range of working rules and contract types including:

  • Zero hour contracts
  • Banked hours
  • Standard flexi-time
  • Annualised hours
  • Home and remote workers

Within iTime, you can set up multiple overtime and exceptional payment rules. This can be linked to from a shift all the way down to an individual’s specific contract and fed directly into your payroll system

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