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Intelligent Workforce allows you to effectively manage time, productivity and costs within your organisation. Get the real-time data you need to enhance your business operations.

Key features include:

  • Real-time clocking records
  • Web, App, Telephone & Terminal clocking
  • Mobile App
  • Scheduling
  • Timesheets
  • Biometrics – fingerprint and facial recognition terminals
  • Shifts & Rotas – Create & Manage your shift patterns
  • Reporting
  • Payroll Integration & Calculations
  • Holiday, sickness and absence management
  • Notifications and system alerts
  • Intuitive skills search schedule the right people
  • Log Skills & Training

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Time & Attendance

Reliable time tracking and real-time visibility.

  • Clear view of attendance and absence
  • Easy & flexible clocking in options
  • Real-time notifications
  • Save time, effort & money

Reliable time tracking that’s easy to use.

Intelligent Workforce automates processes and creates a more efficient workforce. With Intelligent Workforce’s intuitive time and attendance system you can ensure more accurate clocking with the inbuilt geofencing and location-based clocking rules.

See who’s in work, who’s on a break or who’s running late. Managers get a real-time notification when employees clock in & out, or have missed the start of their shift. Track employee attendance with confidence, eliminate buddy clocking and automate wage calculations, simplifying the payroll process and ensuring happy employees each month.

Intelligent Workforce offers a variety to record employee time including mobile app, web portal and traditional terminals. Efficiently manage the hours worked, overtime and absences without the time consuming & manual processes.

Time and attendance systems are proven to help organisations to save time, from cutting down on administration to freeing up managers’ time to focus on what matters most – your people.

Time Sheets

Real-time information and accurate, automated time capture software.

  • Quickly edit and approve
  • Log overtime and activities
  • Reduce duplication and manual data processing
  • Automate payroll exports

Integrated with clocking records and shift times, timesheets are automatically populated based on the actual hours worked, removing the need to duplicate data and process manual forms.

Editable where necessary if additional hours have been worked on a project, task or job, employees and managers can complete timesheets for themselves or their team. By adding in new activities against shifts or cost centres, you can easily keep track of projects costs.

With automated data capture comes automated wage calculations. Simplifying your payroll process, simply set the wage for every shift including overtime allowances. Allocate different payrates for each role and let Intelligent Workforce do the heavy lifting.

Giving you a clear, consolidated view of the hours worked by team, department and project, budget-holders can now bulk approve timesheets ahead of the payroll export, giving you all the information you need to pay your people correctly in one place.

Mobile App

Manage your team from the palm of your hand.

  • Clocking on the go
  • See who’s running late
  • View attendance and schedules
  • Holiday bookings made simple

View staff attendance over the week, easily view day schedules and contact your team from one intelligent app.

You can keep up to date in real-time as to who is in work, running late, or off sick, whether you’re on your commute to work, away from your desk or stuck on another zoom meeting.

Employees can use the app to keep up to date with their schedule, view their pay, and book holiday and absence.

The Intelligent Workforce mobile app makes it easier than ever before to stay up to date as an employee and a manager. The user-friendly design allows for instant visibility, freeing up managers time and increasing employee engagement and empowerment, this really is workforce management on the go.


The right people, with the right skills, at the right time. 

  • Create shifts and schedules in minutes
  • Drag and Drop scheduling
  • Add and fill positions in seconds
  • Never be short staffed

Intuitive scheduling to ensure you’re never short-staffed again.

Intelligent Workforce simplifies the scheduling process. With Intelligent Workforce, you can easily and quickly create accurate schedules for your employees by position, team, department or location with real-time conflict alerts.

Create the shifts and rotas your business requires to maximise your operational outputs and productivity. The drag and drop scheduler lets you quickly amend shifts, edit times and add in additional positions to cope with peak times.

Set staffing capacities and minimum levels for each shift, and easily see if you’re understaffed and need to recruit with the inbuilt traffic light alerts. Intelligent Workforce lets your find the best people for the job with custom filters and staff recommendations

Receive notifications when an overbooking has been attempted and let Intelligent Workforce provide recommendations of employees to fill the shift, based on their availability, skill set or wage.

Skills & Training

Match the best people to the job and develop your workforce.

  • Log skills, training & certifications
  • Search by skillset to find the best person
  • Recommended staff suggestions

Assign skills and certifications to employees and positions, ensuring that you can match the best skilled people to the job when creating rotas and schedules.

You can ensure that you always have people with the right skillset doing the right work. Always need someone with Fire Marshall training on a shift? No Problem. Simply search for staff with the right skill set and assign them to the right shift with our user friendly drag and drop feature. Or, use the recommended staff feature when scheduling to find the skills you need.

HR & Compliance

Manage all your employee with one intuitive solution.

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Integrate with your other systems
  • Automate Payroll Data

A Single Source of Truth.

Drive efficiency and free up time to let your HR team get on with what they’re good at with our fully integrated HR functionality. Store training records and personnel details, set up cost codes, holiday rules, and run payroll exports in a matter of clicks.

Running from a single database, eliminate the rekeying of data between systems and apps. Securely store personnel details, contracts, payrates, holiday and absence records. Integrate and sync with your main HR, L&D or Payroll system to manage all your HR processes and compliance seamlessly.


Built with safety and security at its heart, Intelligent Workforce has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), especially regarding data retention, the right to access and the right to be forgotten.

Developed and hosted in the latest Microsoft Azure cloud environment.


Intelligent Workforce integrates with industry-leading HCM & Payroll platforms

  • Two-way integration ensures no data slips through the cracks.
  • Import employee data to speed up the onboarding process and reduce data entry.
  • Ensure a single source of truth


Built with safety and security at its heart, Intelligent Workforce has been designed to make it as easy as possible for you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), especially regarding data retention, the right to access and the right to be forgotten.

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