Time and Attendance

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Reliable time and attendance software that’s easy to use.

Intelligent Workforce offers everything you need at your fingertips to efficiently manage your workforce, from anywhere, at any time, thanks to the Cloud.

Intuitive Time and Attendance Software

Intelligent Workforce Time and Attendance Software, allows you to effectively manage time and attendance, alongside productivity and costs within your organisation. Get the real-time data you need to enhance your business operations.

Time and Attendance

Reliable time tracking and real-time visibility.

  • Clear view of attendance and absence
  • Easy & flexible clocking in options
  • Advanced Scheduling 
  • Leave Management 
  • Real-time notifications
  • Save time, effort & money

Reliable Time and Attendance software that’s easy to use.

Intelligent Workforce automates processes and creates a more efficient workforce. With Intelligent Workforce’s intuitive time and attendance system you can ensure more accurate clocking with the inbuilt geofencing and location-based clocking rules.

See who’s in work, who’s on a break or who’s running late. Managers get a real-time notification when employees clock in & out, or have missed the start of their shift. Track employee attendance with confidence, eliminate buddy clocking and automate wage calculations, simplifying the payroll process and ensuring happy employees each month.

Intelligent Workforce offers a variety to record employee time including mobile app, web portal and traditional terminals. Efficiently manage the hours worked, overtime and absences without the time consuming & manual processes.

Time and attendance systems are proven to help organisations to save time, from cutting down on administration to freeing up managers’ time to focus on what matters most – your people.

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Over 450 companies use Intelligent Workforce across the UK, processing over 1 million clocking records a day. Are you ready to join them?

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Let's calculate your current costs and see how much you can save with our Time and Attendance software

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Choose from a range of data capture options

Networked Time and Attendance Systems

Traditional time and attendance terminals link into your established IT network infrastructure. They are installed in fixed positions such as front doors and break rooms. A range of employee time clock models are available to suit any environment and requirement.

Mobile and Remote Clocking Systems

Clocking in options include include telephone clocking, web based or employee time tracking systems, mobile apps, and a range of terminals connected to mobile data networks; ideally suited to locations with no permanent IT network.

Biometric Time and Attendance Systems

Biometric time and attendance system terminals recognise an employee’s fingerprint or facial scan, eliminating costly buddy and fraudulent clocking.