Due to the nature of work and extensive offerings within the Manufacturing sector, most organisations employ a large number of staff across a variety of sites – often nationally and internationally – which demands a robust, yet scalable workforce management solution.

With our Intelligent Software, a number of heavy-weight manufacturing companies such as Neutrik and Numatic International benefit from the ability to manage and review time spent on jobs, track employee movement, detail the exact time worked and therefore accurately budget for time, cost and percentage of job completion. Our solutions are proven to increase efficiencies, eliminate payroll errors and improve company morale.

  • Benefit from:
  • The ability to set up any shift pattern across any rota
  • The ability to cater for overtime, exceptional pay and bonuses
  • Specific sickness and holiday accruals based upon attendance
  • The ability to accommodate working practices such as Just in Time production, Banked Hours and Annualised Hours
  • Direct export to payroll
  • The ability to link pay to different activities and cost centres
  • Optional Job Costing solution – allow staff to clock jobs and subsequent sequences for full time/labour tracking
  • Automated alerts to supervisors of anomalies e.g. late clock-in/early clock-out, absences
  • Fully integrated Human Resources module – record employee skill sets, training, appraisals and disciplinaries
  • Fully Integrated Access Control module – securing and restricting premises
  • Full reporting suite with the ability automatically generate reports

Manufacturing industry downloads

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