Food & Beverages

The Food industry, known for its 24/7 operation, utilises a large mixture of shift patterns, overtime and pay types. Working with many of the UK’s largest food businesses such as Greencore, Cranswick Foods, and Weston Cider, we have a vast amount of experience in helping organisations save up to 3% on wage bills and reducing absenteeism by 20%.

Our Intelligent Software ensures you get the best skilled people on the job every day, with the confidence that as a business, you aren’t breaching working time directive legislation, exceeding budget or being under-staffed.


  • Benefit from:
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • The ability to set up any shift pattern across any rota
  • The ability to cater for overtime, exceptional pay or bonuses
  • Specific sickness and holiday accruals based upon attendance
  • Direct export into payroll
  • The ability to link pay to different activities and cost centres
  • Automated alerts to supervisors of anomalies e.g. late clock-in/early clock-out, absences
  • Fully integrated Human Resources module – record skill sets, appraisals, training & disciplinaries
  • Fully integrated Access Control module – securing and restricting premises
  • Full reporting suite and the ability to automatically generate reports

Food & Beverages industry downloads

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