Facilities Management

Due to the nature of work within the Facilities Management sector and the wide range of comprehensive and integrated services offered, it’s imperative that businesses can operate with total flexibility around structuring schedules to fit customer-specific requirements.

Our workforce management solutions can ensure the effective management of remote workers, proactive management of site health and safety, the monitoring of training/skillsets and an increase in productivity and overall service delivery.


  • Benefit from:
  • Flexibility in clock in/out methods:
    • Proximity (card/fob), biometric, mobile app, telephone
  • Ad hoc shifts
  • The ability to record against multiple shift patterns throughout the day
  • Real-time reporting on labour hours worked
  • Automated alerts to supervisors of anomalies e.g. late clock-in/early clock-out, absences
  • Specific sickness and holiday accruals based upon attendance
  • Real-time staff location for line managers
  • Full reporting capabilities on hours, costs, site, job, department and employee
  • Direct export to payroll
  • The ability to cater for overtime, exceptional pay or bonuses

Facilities Management industry downloads

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