The Automotive industry is one of the world’s most important economic sectors, attracting high volumes of employees and a need for consistent growth and development. It is crucial that organisations remain efficient and secure due to the innovation and market-leading production that is often associated with this particular industry.


With our Intelligent Software, you can have access to a powerful, intuitive and centralised system, yet retain the ability to configure and shape the solution around your specific requirements.


  • Benefit from:
  • The ability to set up any shift pattern across any rota
  • The ability to cater for overtime, exceptional pay and bonuses
  • Specific sickness and holiday accruals based upon attendance
  • The ability to accommodate working practices such as Just in Time production, Banked Hours and Annualised Hours
  • Direct export to payroll
  • The ability to link pay to different activities and cost centres
  • Automated alerts to supervisors of anomalies e.g. late clock-in/early clock-out, absences
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Full reporting suite with the ability automatically generate reports

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