Employee online self-service

Online self-servicing

A simple and easy to navigate home page…

Providing employees with access to a variety of information including holiday bookings, shift swaps, rosters, personnel details, worked hours, overtime, bonuses and work messages.

Personnel details

employee-self-service-screen_thumbnailClear and quick access to personnel records stored on an individual.

Users are able to view, edit and delete their records.

Any changes made are sent via email to a manager, team leader or department head for authorisation, meaning the entire process is quick, easy and automated.


Self-servicing holiday

employee-self-service-screen-personal-details_thumbnailHoliday bookings made easy!

Users are able to view their own holiday allowance, including taken, booked, pending and remaining.

Simply select the chosen day on the left calendar, enter any details and click ‘Request’. An email will then be sent to a manager, team leader or department head for authorisation.


Shift swapping

employee-self-service-screen-shift-swapping_thumbnailChanging shifts with a colleague simplified!

Users can view their calendars and select a shift they wish to swap.

They will be presented with a list of employees they are able to swap with or an employee on a rest day who is available. The employee can then enter any details about the shift swap and click ‘Request’ – this will then send a notification email to a manager for authorisation.