Telephone clocking offers an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of clocking for remote workers. Telephone clocking allows managers to track their employees, regardless of their geographical location while using the existing business phone line infrastructure.

Female employee using a phone in an office

Integrating state-of-the-art Intel hardware with our Intelligent Software interface, our iTime telephone clocking function is able to use any type of phone line and be scaled to cope with an unlimited number of simultaneous incoming calls.

If you require large numbers of employees to be simultaneously clocking in, our software can easily be configured to use multiple phone lines.

What is telephone clocking?

Telephone clocking is a simple and efficient method for clocking remote employees in and out of a job or activity on a customer’s site. Using a landline, an employee dials a dedicated number when arriving or leaving the site and performs a series of steps.

Secure Verification

Employees can only clock in on pre-determined numbers, set up on the iTime software. However, the number of sites it can manage is unlimited.

If an employee tries to clock in/out using an unregistered mobile phone or their personal landline they will just get an engaged tone.

Identification Process

An employee is identified using a unique 4 digit pin code. The system will also ask employees for further information at random, which is recorded for a manager to review at a later stage.

Failure to answer the security questions can be used to identify fraudulent employees attempting to buddy clock.