We offer a variety of mobile terminals and clocking options. Designed to be quick to install and very simple to use. Coupled with GPRS monitoring, ensures they are the perfect solution for temporary or mobile sites.

Our mobile terminal and T&A solutions are particularly well suited to the security, utilities, facilities management and construction industries as the solutions can be quickly installed or relocated at a moment’s notice, and all without having to establish a wired network or IT infrastructure.

Smartphone app clocking with Intelligent Collect

Intelligent Collect (iCollect) is a low-cost and flexible method to capture clocking records and other data using your employees’ smartphones and devices.

Using a simple web-based interface from a PC or laptop, businesses can design custom forms to be completed by users of iCollect. The forms can be configured to capture any data your business requires. At its simplest level, the app can be deployed to allow employees a simple interface to register relevant attendance data, such as to clock in & out or start and end breaks. More complex uses include capturing photos, signatures and much more.

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Nohmad Mobile Time and Attendance

Cost-effective and flexible to install with a simple interface, the Nohmad provides a snapshot of where the users are at any given moment using built-in GPRS technology.

Nohmad portable finger print clocking terminalNohmad terminals bring together a range of technologies, with options for biometric or button clocking combined with GPRS wireless functionality. This GPRS functionality allows the Nohmad to be installed on mobile or remote sites, or sites, where an established IT infrastructure, is not available.

In the event of a GPRS network communication error, the Nohmad will store the data internally and send it to your servers when a connection is re-established.