Have you carried out right to work checks?

Our easy-to-use document scanners are able to deliver instant ID verification results from a passport, driving licence or visa. Giving you the peace of mind the correct checks have been made and avoiding potential fines of up to £10,000 per employee.

Simple and easy to use, our ID Document Scanners are capable of identifying over 3000 real and fake passports and ID cards from around the world in an instant. Using the latest technology from 3M and the largest document library available from Assure-Tec, we have created user-friendly passport checking software to provide fast scan results.  Lightweight and portable, working with or without an internet connection the Capita WFM document scanner is easily handled and simple to use.
Once a document is scanned the result is instant, showing a Pass, Fail, High Risk or Medium Risk. In addition, an encrypted report is also generated summarizing the results available in PDF and can be emailed to a central location. 

Using ID Document Scanners can greatly reduce the process of verification, whilst providing conclusive proof to you that the document is genuine or otherwise.  

1. Load document

Simply place the chosen passport, visa, driving licence or other identity document on the scanner.

2. Scan document

The document is scanned and checks are performed on visual and machine readable zones.

3. Risk verified

Receive a clear indication of the authenticity of the document, and establish ‘Right to Work’ in the UK.

Multi Office Solution

For multiple offices, the Capita WFM ID Document Scanner can also log a user name, location reference for auditing purposes and a time and date stamp reference, enabling reporting and archiving of records simply and easily.
With a ‘check digit’ created as standard against every scanned document, the Capita WFM Document scanner also makes it impossible for fraud internally or externally.


Purchase options

Our ID document scanner is available through several flexible payment options, designed to match your needs exactly. For more information, please contact our sales team.